Lemonade Trailer
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Lemonade Trailer



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Custom Built "Lemon" Lemonade Trailer

The high visibility of this colorful stand easily draws customers thirsty for the taste of freshly squeezed lemonade.

These lively attractive stands also act as focal points, meeting destinations and photo back drops. Parents love to take photos of their children in front of "THE BIG LEMON".

This lemonade trailer is a 7' x 11' roll-off unit on 4 -10" Neoprene tires. It comes with its own easy loading trailer. The combined weight of the lemon and trailer is just 1800 lbs. It can be easily towed behind a car and can be rolled from location to location with it's own 2-wheel dolly as needed. It has been making its debut in many venues across the United States including amusement parks, shopping malls, State Fairs, and festivals. Look for this Lemonade trailer to maximize your lemonade sales and take impulse buying to a whole new level.

Standard Features

Uni-body fiberglass construction throughout.
Galvanized steel re-enforced frame.
3/4" treated wood floor wrapped in fiberglass, and bolted to frame.
Hot water heater.
Fluorescent lighting. 2-stainless steel work stations, with serving windows, complete with insulated, double-lined stainless steel ice bins.
Weather-proof window covers.
Awnings over both serving windows.
Interior flooring is ceramic tile.
Fiberglass molded shelving.
Countertops molded into the unit, providing a cleaner and more durable finish.
Fresh white maintenance-free interior finish. Custom easy load trailer.

This unit can be picked up in St Paul, MN or we can deliver at a cost of $ 3.00 a mile.

Shipping will be arranged after check-out.