One Quart (32oz) Lerro's Natural Lemonade Formula
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One Quart (32oz) Lerro's Natural Lemonade Formula


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One Quart (32oz) of Lerro's Natural Lemon Flavoring

Yields 16 five gallon batches, 80 total gallons of Lemonade. 
Should be purchased in conjuction with our 1/2 gallon Lerro's Citric Acid Solution.  Lerro's Natural lemonade concentrate is not only excellent for Fresh Squeezed Lemonade, but it's a superb flavoring base for Slush machine, Granita machines and any other frozen drink machine.
Now available in a re-fillable Measurable Container for an additional $12.

  1. Use a 5 gallon beverage dispenser 
  2. Add 2oz of Lerro's Lemonade Formula
  3. Add 4oz of Lerro's Citric Acid Solution
  4. Fill 5 gallon dispenser half way with drinkable water
  5. Add 5lb bag of sugar
  6. Mix well
  7. Continue filling dispenser to the 5 gallon mark with water
  8. Lemonade is now ready to serve!

Serving Suggestion:
Cut lemons into thirds then squeeze into a 16oz or 24oz cup using a Lemon Press.
Add ice, and fill cup with the Lemonade Formula from sealed dispenser, shake and serve.