Wafflestix Single Premium Package

Wafflestix Single Premium Package



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Wafflestix Single Premium Package

Chef's Fun Foods introductory Single Premium Package is designed to put you on the fast track to Waffstix success!

This package includes the following items:
  • One (1) Waffstix Baker
  • One (1) box of 500 14" skewers
  • Three (3) Bottles of our delicious glazes including:Caramel, Chocolate, Strawberry
  • One (1) box of 250 Waffstix Trays
  • One (1) bag of Waffstix Batter
  • Three (3) Non-Drip Squeeze Bottles
  • One (1) Confection Sugar Dispenser
  • One (1) Custom Display Stand
  • Access to Waffstix Artwork
  • Full support to help you achieve Waffstix success
Why Waffstix? Waffstix appeals to any age group. The appearance and aroma of Waffstix peaks interest and water tastebuds! Sets you apart from your competition. Takes a waffle to a new levelCan produce 80-100 Waffstix an hour, WOW!

Cost per Waffstix? Each Waffstix is 9" long X 1-2.5" wide and uses 1/3 cup of Wafflstix Batter which is about $.14 cents per serving. We estimate total cost per serving at approximately $.40 cents including batter, skewer, flavored glaze and powdered sugar.

What is a Waffstix? Served on a skewer, Waffstix is an innovative snack that will delight each and every customer. Our unique Waffstix Baker quickly creates an eye-catching waffle that will add a fun and tasty snack to your venue. Once cooked, each Waffstix is drizzled with one of our delicious flavored glazes. We have simply taken waffles to another level in presentation, taste and profit.