Server Caramel Topping Supreme with pump
Code: 81140-CARM

Server Caramel Topping Supreme with pump



Item Details

The Supreme style units are designed with contemporary styling to feature a stainless steel body with rounded corners. A black thermoset plastic top and bottom eliminate the visibility of fingerprints for a clean look. Each also features a "power on" light; accurate portion control, adjustable thermostat and water fill line to eliminate overflow accidents. This model dispenses from either front or back side and does not include the pictured spout warmer. The magnetic sign pictured is included. Standard features include: Dispense directly from a #10 can or stainless steel jar #94009 500 watt heating element for reliable heating and holding Stainless steel pump with captured valve balls to eliminate loss 1-oz (30 mL) stroke with easy-to-adjust portion control in 1/4 -oz (7 mL) increments