Gold Medal 2480 Savory Mix 4lb Jar Churro Flavor
Code: GM 2480

Gold Medal 2480 Savory Mix 4lb Jar Churro Flavor



Item Details

Shake your way to new popcorn flavors with this Gold Medal Savory Shake Mixes flavoring mix. It turns ordinary popcorn into extraordinary popcorn with dashes of bold, savory flavors! Guests of your amusement park, fair, or carnival are in for a treat with your signature flavored popcorn, thanks to this specialty flavoring mix. Add to popcorn at your movie theater for the ultimate movie going experience. All Savory Seasons are Gulten Free.

Not only does this popcorn flavoring taste great, but it adds an enticing, profitable touch to your menu that increases your sales and customer satisfaction. Delight your guests with this cheddar cheese flavoring. The smooth and creamy flavor of cheddar cheese popularly and naturally complements savory foods like nachos, fries, hot dogs. This cheesy-flavored seasoning is sure to enhance your salty and delicious freshly-popped popcorn!

To use, simply shake or tumble about 1/3 cup of this popcorn flavoring mix per 5 gallons of regular popped popcorn. The fresher the popcorn, the more powder sticks!

4lb Jar