Deluxe S'mores Making Kit
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Deluxe S'mores Making Kit



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Create a nostalgic atmosphere for your customers using this Sterno Products 70246 Family Fun Red S'mores Maker!

Designed for use with the specially formulated, clean-burning S'mores Heat fuel, this kit allows you to enjoy a campfire favorite both indoors and outdoors while providing optimal roasting and handling safety. Charm your customers with this portable pastime. Offer an unforgettable dessert experience sure to bring back and create new fond memories.

  • Dishwasher Safe

    Dishwasher Safe

    This item can safely be cleaned in a commercial dishwasher.

Ready to Use

A great addition to your next catered event, this kit includes all the tools your guests will need to make this gooey dessert! The red base of the unit is easily identifiable and contains 2 integrated s'mores making stations with 4 separate compartments designed to neatly hold marshmallows, chocolate bars, and graham crackers. The kit also includes a roasting safety screen and an integrated fuel compartment with a fuel suspension frame. Plus, you can also say goodbye to the hunt for sticks as this kit includes 2 perfectly sized roasting forks!

Fuel Management System

The base houses an integrated fuel compartment for use with the S'mores Heat fuel cans. By way of the fuel suspension frame that hooks securely into the base and keeps the fuel can elevated to prevent tipping and spilling, this clever heat management system greatly minimizes the risk of injury.

Promotes User Safety

In addition to the clever fuel management system which keeps S'mores Heat fuel cans safely contained, the roasting screen included in this kit also promotes user safety. This safety screen rests naturally over the unit to facilitate even roasting and prevent contact with the heat of the fuel can.

Safe for Consumption

Made from renewable ethanol-based resources, S'mores Heat is a safe, clean-burning biodegradable fuel. Unlike comparable chafer fuels, S'mores heat won't produce harmful fumes, making it a safe option to use for roasting marshmallows. It's an indoor campfire safe for the whole family to use!

Sterno Products S'mores Maker

Sterno Products S'mores Maker

Liven things up by providing your guests with the opportunity to make s'mores, an old campfire favorite, anywhere at any time with Sterno's new Family Fun S'mores Maker!