Cold Station | (3) 1/6-Size Pans
Code: 67080

Cold Station | (3) 1/6-Size Pans



Item Details

This stainless steel unit is insulated and features a hinged lid with the option of stay-open and self-close operation. The clear lid showcases your toppings and makes checking product levels quick and easy. The IRS-3 accepts three 16-size steam table pans or one 16-size steam table pan and three 19-size pans, 6" (150 mm) deep. Your contents can be chilled with ice or three eutectic ice packs. Pans and ice packs are sold separately.

Standard features include:
  • Clear lid showcases contents and features hinges that allow stay-open and self-close operation
  • Insulated shroud prevents condensation when chilling
  • Accepts (3) Eutectic Ice Packs or can be iced
  • 2-Year Warranty