Insulated Pizza Delivery Bag
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Insulated Pizza Delivery Bag


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Our hand-crafted USA-made Pizza Karriers come in these four sizes.

These durable Pizza Karriers last for years and not for a few uses like the cheap China Made ones!

Your customers will love it!

Bag Size:
Width: 15" inches
Length: 15.5" inches
Height: 7.5" inches

Small* 15″x15″x7″ (holds 3 14″ pizzas)
Medium* 17″x17″x7″ (holds 3 16″ pizzas)
Large* 19″x19″x7″ (holds 3 18″ pizzas)
XL* 18.5″x36″x14″ (holds 10- 16″ pizzas)

These items usually ship in 7 - 10 business days.