Lemonade Start-Up Package - Free Juicer
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Lemonade Start-Up Package - Free Juicer



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This Lemonade start-up package contains everything you'll need to get started.

The package includes: 
  • 60" x 30 " Lemonade Cart with Umbrella
  • Large Stainless Steel Juicer/Press 
  • Stainless Steel Shaker Cup 
  • 5 Gallon Round Dispenser
  • Paring Knife 
  • Cutting Board 
  • Mixing Spoon 
  • Quart Lerro's Lemonade Flavor 
  •  Half gallon Citric Acid 
  • Case 16 oz Wax Paper Printed Lemonade Cup (1000) per case 
  • Case 24 Oz wax Paper printed lemonade Cup (1000) Per case) 
This Package will make 16, 5-gallon batches or 80 gallons. One 5-gallon batch of Lemonade will yield approximately 60 to 70, 16 oz cups of lemonade. 
For upgraded carts with awnings or other customization options, please call us toll-free: 877-536-6615


  1. Use a 5 gallon beverage dispenser 
  2. Add 2oz of Lerro's Lemonade Formula
  3. Add 4oz of Lerro's Citric Acid Solution
  4. Fill 5 gallon dispenser half way with drinkable water
  5. Add 5lb bag of sugar
  6. Mix well
  7. Continue filling dispenser to the 5 gallon mark with water
  8. Lemonade is now ready to serve!
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