CecilWare 3 Bowl Frozen Drink Dispenser
Code: MT-3-UL

CecilWare 3 Bowl Frozen Drink Dispenser



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3-Bowl Frozen Drink Dispenser

Industry Leading Features: 
  • Patented Magnetic Drive System - The Auger motors turn magnetically eliminating the need for front or rear seals. This system lowers maintenance costs. 
  • Visual Merchandiser - The large clear bowl merchandises and sells the Granita product. 
  • Magnetic Drive Slippage System - Eliminates damage to auger motor if product freeze up occurs. 
  • Level Control System - A sensory system located in the Auto Fill dispensers, senses when the Granita product has become to low and automatically replenishes it. Additionally, when the Bag-in-the-box product is finished, an easily recognizable sound will alert the operator to replace the bag. 
  • 24 Hour Programmable Defrost Timer - Simply set the timer to defrost any product - keeping it chilled at approximately 40 degrees, and automatically turning back to the frozen mode at any specified time. This feature decreases down time and maximizes sales. 
  • Freezing Chamber - FrigoGranita's dual surface freezing chamber freezes product quickly and efficiently. 
  • Adjustable Slush Mode - Allows you to set the slush consistency of the granita drink. 
  • Horizontal Mix - gives constant agitation to product. Filter Indicator Light - When lit, means that the condenser filter needs to be cleaned. This eliminates a service call and keeps the dispenser in top condition. 
  • Washable Condenser Filter - Easily located through the side panels of the dispenser. 
  • Beautifully Lit Graphics - Choose amongst a variety of lit graphics to help merchandise the Granita product. 
  • Tops are reversible.  
Increase impulse sales!

DIMENSIONS: 21 in. W x 18.5 in. D x 27.75 in. H
ELECTRICAL: 20 A, 2.3 kW, 0.75 HP
120 V/60 Hz/1 ph