1 Quart Lemonade Formula & Half Gallon Citric Acid
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1 Quart Lemonade Formula & Half Gallon Citric Acid



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Lerro's Natural Lemonade and Citric Acid Combo

This is some of the finest lemonade around! We recommend buying a half gallon of citric acid in conjunction with the quart of formula and have grouped them together in this convenient combo package.

Lerro's Natural lemonade concentrate is not only excellent for Fresh Squeezed Lemonade, but it's a superb flavoring base for slush machines, granita machines and any other frozen drink machine.

A quart of Lerro's Natural Lemonade Formula yields 16, five gallon batches of lemonade (80 total gallons). 

Reusable Measurable Container available for additional $12.
Manufacturer: FreshSqueezedLemonade.Com

  1. Use a 5 gallon beverage dispenser 
  2. Add 2oz of Lerro's Lemonade Formula
  3. Add 4oz of Lerro's Citric Acid Solution
  4. Fill 5 gallon dispenser half way with drinkable water
  5. Add 5lb bag of sugar
  6. Mix well
  7. Continue filling dispenser to the 5 gallon mark with water
  8. Lemonade is now ready to serve!

Serving Suggestion:
Cut lemons into thirds then squeeze into a 16oz or 24oz cup using a Lemon Press.
Add ice, and fill cup with the Lemonade Formula from sealed dispenser, shake and serve.